Amer Family: Act Now before it’s too Late URGENT!!!!!!!!!! Amer Bill 4118

Michigan's State Capitol in Lansing

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December 1, 2010

Dear Friends,

I talked with Senator Bishop’s office in Lansing again yesterday, and was told they will be in session Wednesday, Thursday, and possibly Friday, and then will be off for the rest of the year. If the Relative Placement Bill we have supported doesn’t get a vote now, it will have to be completely redone from scratch next year.
So, may I please ask a small favor. Please call Senator Mike Bishop’s office at (517) 373-2417 and ask him to schedule a vote on HB 4118. This is a common sense bill that would require DHS to place foster children with relatives rather than strangers. (It has an exception clause stating “unless it is not in the best interest of the child,” so it will not be an unjust or undue burden on the court, or DHS, or force anyone to place the children in an unsafe placement.) The bill is at
Senator Bishop has it on a list of bills which might be considered yet this week. If it doesn’t get a vote this week, it dies. The future of this bill will be determined by how many phone calls Senator Bishop gets. Your call may be the one which makes the difference. It seems like the Senate could spare a few minutes for a vote on a short simple, common sense bill before going on a four week vacation. Please ask them to do so by calling Senator Mike Bishop at (517) 373-2417. and Senator Allen Cropsey (517) 373-3760 Your message is simple. Just tell the receptionist, “I would like the Senate to vote on House Bill 4118 before vacation. Thank you”

Please forward this e-mail to your friends in Michigan.

Please we have gone through so much pain losing are Gods giving rights to our Kids, Please Help us Stop our Family’s Injustice from occurring to other Families, Children has Voice and has a Right to be Heard, Please hear our Cries and of Our Beloved Son Samier’s Cries from the Grave, Only takes a Minute from your time, it’s worth saving your children’s future, Thank you!!!!!!!

Parents Crying Out, Justice for All,

Ahmed and Rehab Amer

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